Account Linking Account Linking

Account Linking is important because it gives you access to current customer-only resources:
  1. User Forums - A place to communicate with the rest of the Mastercam community.  You can ask quests directly to the developers as well as suggest features for future versions of Mastercam.
  2. Knowledge Base - A searchable database of common issues, problem resolutions, or obscure Mastercam knowledge/reference.
  3. Tech Exchange - A searchable database where you can download free generic posts, tool libraries, component libraries, or setup sheets!
  4. Mastercam DownloadsUnlinked customers can only download the latest release of Mastercam.   If you are linked you can access prior versions, as well as new updates if your maintenance date allows.
  5. TutorialsDesigned to help you become familiar with basic Mastercam features and functions.
Any Mastercam programmer with access to a Mastercam License can link their account.  If you need to create a new account, you can do so here: - Register
Linked accounts which have fallen off Mastercam Maintenance will still have access to the download files corresponding to their maintenance date.

There are two ways to link your account:

Method 1

  1. Inside Mastercam, File Tab > Community > Link Account icon, Link on 

  2. When the linking code window pops up with generated code, click the Copy button in the lower right of the window to copy the string of text.

  3. Navigate to and click the Login button in the upper right menu.
  4. Once logged in, click on the MyAccount button from the menu in the upper right of the home screen.

    If this is your first time on you might not be immediately redirected to  Please click the link to manually navigate there after logging in and then select the MyAccount button.
  5. From your MyAccount page, click on the Linking button in the lower left.

  6. Click the Link your Account using a link code button.

  7. Paste your linking code into the Account Link Code field, and then click the Link my account button.

Method 2

Download the Mastercam Activation Wizard setup from the Drivers and Utilities page (Software Licensing Section) and install it on a computer with a HASP plugged in or a network license. To generate a linking code, run MastercamDotComLinking.exe from the Mastercam Licensing Utilities folder located in the Windows Start Menu. This can be run on a system with or without Mastercam installed.  Once your code is generated, copy it and follow the steps outlined above.

Additional Resources

We have video instructions for Account Linking as part of our Tag You're I.T. Mastercam presentation.  They can be found at the 33:21 Timestamp.

Troubles?  If you're having troubles generating a linking code, please verify your licensing is working as intended.  Please contact for help.

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